Thought Leadership

How can your content stand out in a sea of self-proclaimed influencers constantly churning out content “diamonds”?

Bookstreetsmart’s Gelareh Ghieratmand (Gigi) believes that brands have to constantly be in people’s faces.

Can you do that with any product or service without knowing people’s environments?

One word – #omnipresence​.

Nowadays the concept of space isn’t limited to the physical one. We are spending more and more time on our phones.

So why not tap into that behavior?

💡 You have to ensure you are all over social media. LinkedIn. Instagram. Pinterest. Youtube. You name it – you have to create content for it.

💡 You can retarget your advertising efforts. Think of ways to link your ads’ scripts to each other. So that the language you use has that “remember me” effect.

What you can’t do with the physical environment, you can do via the digital one.

We want to know – is the omnipresence concept catching on? Or is this a fad, which we will forget quicker than the Harlem Shake?

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