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Sugar. Spice. And everything is nice.

These are the ingredients to create the perfect hook. Or are they?

Most content writers know how difficult it is to start those first few sentences of any post.

A bad hook can potentially put readers off the rest of your content.

Want to find out the TMF recipe to create catchy hooks?

πŸ’‘ There are two ends of the spectrum here.

You can either go all-in with the laughs – crack a few jokes and set the mood right.

Or you can stir in a bit of philosophy – by asking a question or presenting a wise thought. Just be wary not to sound too pompous.

πŸ’‘ Think about it. How do platforms like Netflix and Hulu reel in audiences?

It’s always via layering real-life, emotional storytelling.

From our kitchen to yours – you can use for example a traumatic, professional experience. Pour it all into those first few sentences. Trust us, it drives results.

πŸ’‘ Finally, do you want to go the extra mile?

Sprinkle some impressive numbers on top.

So laughter. Real stories. And impressive numbers.

These are some of TMF’s ingredients for the perfect hook.

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