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Your schedule is tight, right?

We got your back!

You do not have time to press the “Like” buttons.

No time for sending messages to Leads one by one.

Not to mention you have to be consistent with your posts.

You are an Executive, a Leader of a team, thriving in a volatile industry. But you still realize the need to establish yourself on social media.

We know that Мarketing is not one-size-fits-all and we tailor our approach to fit your needs. Whether you need help with Content Marketing, Social Media, or Lead Generation, we have a plan for you.

With The Marketing Family on your side, you will be able to focus on what matters most – running your business!

Let's explore your current marketing efforts, and build on them!

Our Services

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We help businesses scale by leveraging the power of LinkedIn, Podcasting and Email. We help our clients generate Leads with Outreach campaigns. At the same time, we grow your Brand through Content creation that positions you as an Industry Expert.

LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns

LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns

Our Outreach campaigns are a cost-effective way to generate more Awareness and Sales Leads. Reach out with tailored messages that deliver a consistent, personalized tone to all of your target Accounts.

LinkedIn Inbound Campaigns

LinkedIn Inbound Campaigns

LinkedIn Inbound Campaigns is a suite of solutions to connect you with your target audience in a cost effective way. Build Thought Leadership and Authority in your industry. Attract better Leads and grow your business.

Networking & Chat Handling

Networking & Chat Handling

Engage with relevant content and communicate with your Leads in live chat sessions. We maintain your tone, and mimic your communication style to ensure all conversations lead to conversion or key partnerships.

Podcast Management

Podcast Management

TMF can find guests relevant for your show. We hype up your audience with engaging social media content and grow your fanbase with every upcoming episode. We are going to make sure it airs on all major streaming platforms.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Reach to your marketing and sales qualified Leads with converting email campaigns. TMF provides project management in sync with your outlined framework project. All with the purpose of generating Leads and additional interest.

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How we work

Get a glimpse of the crucial steps we take to scale your business


Doing the homework

The first job is to analyze and absorb what we are working with. Our onboarding forms & interviews will help us get under the business, your potential audience, and the market-fit solution.


Laying the foundation

With the gathered information we set up the stepping stones - you get a crafted Outreach & Content strategy to help you grow.


Building the systems

After we agree on the strategy and tactics, we prepare your business for growth. Setting up the right tools and systems initially guarantees effortless execution.


Houston, we are launching!

After all systems are set and we have outlined the bigger picture - we have to ensure there are no gaps. If that's the case - PRESS START.



Now that we have laid the foundation and you are ready to Rock and Roll (or Hip and Hop, it's up to you) - our team takes the responsiblity to apply the outlined plan and help you grow.


Rince & Repeat

We eyeball our efforts here. Gathering results and insights weekly and monthly allows us to emphasize the winning moves and remove outdated ones.

The family

Meet our smart geeky heroes!

Matey Tsolov

Growth Geek

Matey Tsolov

Matey is a Мarketing wizard with a technical twist. As the CEO and Director of Lead Gen, his vast experience moves the company’s needle further every day. Pick his brains on: finding Ideal customers, Sales pipeline optimization, rock music and classic cars!

Boyan Parushev

Outbound Warlock

Boyan Parushev

Bobby’s mission is to deliver a targeted well-crafted list of potential Leads. Besides ensuring that our clients are connected to their profitable Leads every day, his sales expertise plays a vital role in solving important issues.

Who we work with

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Our Blog

The 40-40-20 Rule – TMF Book Club

When creating any marketing campaign, it’s always important to prioritize your efforts. A TMF favourite has always been the 40-40-20 rule, but we always tend to debate about which comes first.

The Pomodoro Technique – TMF Book Club

Are you happy to say that you are a multitasker? Hold your horses because according to science we can’t multi-task. In fact, our brain switches between tasks. But these mind acrobatics lead to more time on a single project, less focus, and more errors in the final result. What is the solution we use in The Marketing Family?

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