There are only 2 emotions.
Sounds ludicrous, huh.
What about fury, excitement, contentment, boredom, disappointment, elation?
Really. There are only 2 emotions: active vs. passive.

Active emotions are the ones that incite action.
How would you describe your emotional state the last time you acted?
Think about your last hyper-productive day at work.
Or when you beat your personal best on your 5-km run.
How about when you found yourself screaming at the TV during the latest state of the nation address?
Were you excited? Furious? Outgoing?

Passive emotions are the ones that cause inaction.
What did you end up doing the last time you felt anxious?
Or, even, content? Peaceful? Satisfied?
Did you curl up in bed with a pint of ice cream and watch the day pass you by?

Passive vs. active emotions.
Which should a brand use?
Sure, emotions sell.
But which particular ones do the job?

Well, that all depends on you.
Stick to your brand. Stick to your product. Take it from there.
Happy-go-lucky product? Incite excitement.
A campaign or a movement? Get them angry about the injustices surrounding your cause.

And don’t forget — 90% of the answers come from knowing your audience!
What do you want them to feel and do about your campaign?

So, do you feel active or passive today?

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